Day 21 – Be a Better Thinker

Some final thoughts as we wrap up the series on Healthy Thinking… Again, as always I hope it’s been helpful. I welcome all feedback and any questions you might have as well. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me via my contact page. My newsletter comes out on a monthly basis (I will NOT inundate you with emails every day)! and I also provide great resources and info there as well!

To wrap up, I want to provide some resources to help you on your journey towards Healthier Thinking:

1) Stress Less CD by Dr. Jennifer Fee and Dr. Diana Walcutt. Dr. Fee is a former professor of mine and the purpose of the CD is to facilitate relaxation for the body and mind. Dr. Fee is the Cognitive-Behavioral guru as far as I’m concerned!

2) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Dummies. I have not read this one but I do feel that the “For Dummies” books tend to offer easy explanations and some great info on all kinds of topics. If the discussions about CBT have intrigued you check out this book!

3) National Association of  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists. This site provides general information about CBT.

4) Adult Children. This is a great book that correlates so well with the content of this series. Some of it has to do with growing up in an alcoholic home and the repercussions of that kind of childhood, BUT, it provides great info for those of us who did not as well! Why do the rest of us struggle with perfectionism, feeling unlovable, overeating or striving, striving, striving to be “good enough?” We all struggle with different things and this book provides some easy-to-read, easy-to-understand explanations. I have recommended this book to MANY people whohave found it quite helpful.

5) Changes That Heal. This is another great book! I would recommend a lot of Cloud & Townsend’s books actually because they are easy-to-understand, pretty quick reads for the most part and packed with great information!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions!

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