Day 15 – Empower Through Encouragement

This is an awesome guest post by a phenomenal leader. Dustin Chappell is a worship leader at a large, incredibly popular church in North Carolina. He received his master’s degree in Theological Studies from Duke Divinty School and describes himself like this: I’m a Christ-follower, husband, Texan, worship leader, musician, world traveler, foodie, avid reader, gym rat, and former barista all rolled into one. Check out what Dustin has to say about empowering through encouragement.

If you have led in any capacity for an extended period of time you probably understand, at least in a general sense, how it feels to guide and influence the lives and decisions of others.  People respect you.  They listen to you when you speak.  They have seen corporate or even personal success as a result of your leadership.  It’s empowering, and it’s dangerous.  You can easily begin to think that you’re the force behind their success. 

What am I getting at?

Like it or not, your team will be the force behind your success or your failure.  You want a great team?  Honor those people you know you could never be successful without.  Value them.  Never let them forget how much you appreciate what each of them uniquely brings to your team dynamic.  I’m not suggesting that you fawn over anyone.  I’m not suggesting you heap upon them loads of undue praise.  But, odds are that they probably do something better than you, recognize and respect that.  In doing so you’ll notice that they are going to be a lot more willing to do whatever you ask.  They’ll know that you see them for who they are and not who you want or need them to be.  When you push them toward growth, you’ll likely get less push back.  Better yet, if you couple this with a strong vision then those people are going to attract others like them.  Your weaker team members will generally follow suit or fade out, leaving you with a team for whom you’d fight. 

If you’ve made it to this point, odds are you’re finding a lot of success.  Want to maintain it?  Honor your people.  Value them.  Never let them forget how grateful you are for them.  They’re behind you, so get behind them.

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