Day 16 – I never would have guessed it!

My mom is a teacher and just retired from a long career working with elementary students. Each year at Open House her kids would dress up as famous people and memorize facts about “themselves” to tell the parents and students coming through the classroom. This event was always a huge hit because the students absolutely glowed bragging about their heroes! It was by far one of the best events of the year for teachers and students alike!

One thing I noticed the years I stopped by was, although the students were factual in the biographical information they shared, for the most part they tended to focus on the positive aspects of their hero’s life. They aren’t heroes for nothing! But not all of the famous people we admire and respect had everything in life handed to them on a silver platter, as we tend to believe.

Check out these success stories… that didn’t exactly start out that way:

1) Henry Ford’s first few businesses failed. After losing all of his money several times throughout his life, he started the Ford Motor Company and is known to this day as one of the Founders of the American-made car.

2) The TV show, Seinfeld, almost didn’t get picked up for a full season, yet finished among the top two shows on TV from 1994 to 1998. It’s still considered one of the best shows of all time.

3) Van Gogh struggled to make money painting his entire life. He created over 900 paintings, which since his death, have been sold to museums, individual people, art galleries etc.

4) Charles Schultz was not only rejected from his high school yearbook staff but he was also denied a position working for Disney. His Peanuts comic strip is now beloved world-wide.

5) Babe Ruth is known for his home runs but most people forget about how many times he struck out. According to Babe Ruth however: “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

Don’t be discouraged if you try something and it doesn’t work out so well the first time. As Babe Ruth did, try to look at the positive aspects of your journey and know that even your failures are bringing you closer to your ultimate goals!

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