Day 20 – Three Words… and a 4th of July adventure



Last night my husband and I decided to hit up the fireworks in one of the neighboring towns. We were so excited! Being from CA, we used to go to shows at the Hollywood Bowl pretty often, especially during summer. There is something about the outdoor amphitheater that we love! We usually bring a picnic and sit out under the stars drinking wine and enjoying a good show… which is what we were hoping would happen last night.

We left home with our picnic in hand and marveled at the fact that this was a free event! You don’t find that often in CA. Parking was a breeze and there was even a shuttle transporting people from the parking lot to to the amphitheater. The weather was nice although we read there was a chance of showers around 9pm. Weather reports had been saying that all week and so far, nothing. When we arrived we found seats on the lawn and set up camp. It was so relaxing! A local band was playing and the NC Symphony was up next followed by a fireworks show!

There was a brief transition period when the local band finished and the NC Symphony was getting set up. The lady sitting in front of us turned back and commented on the fact that they sure were taking a while to get going. I agreed and we just hoped the delays weren’t weather related. The sky did look a bit darker but the clouds were moving quickly and we continued to hope they would pass right over us.

Suddenly we felt a sprinkle. Then another. Within a few short minutes it was pouring! And I mean, POURING! Buckets of water pounded the ground and pandemonium ensued as the crowd raced back to the concession area for cover.

When we got back there we huddled together and became somewhat of an extended family with everyone else as we waited out the rain. Some of the little kids who were scared, cried in their parent’s arms while others got separated from their parents and were taken in by other families until the storm ceased.

My hubby and I ended up by a family of four. The mom and dad laughed, reminiscing about their 10-year anniversary at the Cary amphitheater where they also got rained out. The kids looked a little timid at first but the parents surrounded them and helped them feel safe. The mom told her daughter, “this is an adventure! This is fun!” and the daughter began to smile. She laughed and later even said “This is fun!”

Those parents had a choice the moment that rain started. They could either get anxious worrying that their kids would catch a cold, about losing them in the crowd, among a hundred other things. Or they could laugh it off and call it a 4th of July adventure, which is exactly what they did. This in turn comforted the kids and helped them to see that all was okay.

We have a choice when we are leading others. Sometimes it may mean setting aside our own feelings in order to protect and comfort those around us. It doesn’t mean you should act fake but rather focus on the positive for both your benefit and the benefit of those around you.

Three words: Lead by example!

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