Day 14 – Building Relationships Through Honest Communication

This is a great guest post by Nailah Blades of Polka Dot Coaching. Nailah’s blog is incredibly inspiring… She helps 20-somethings “connect the dots of their lives” by embracing who they really are and focusing on what’s important. I hope you’ll find this guest post as helpful as I did!


I have long been fascinated with communication. I find it interesting that something that is so deeply intertwined in our daily lives can also be so misunderstood and misused. I’m particularly intrigued by how communication and our unique narratives help to form our connection with one another. Effective communication techniques play an important role in establishing authentic, meaningful relationships. Here are my 3 tips for creating deep connections through communication and story-telling.

Be an Open Book

The stories we tell allow us to form a strong bond with those around us. Storytelling opens the door for understanding and a mutual connection. In sharing our stories we are able to connect with one another on a deeper level. It is also necessary that we share our stories honestly and authentically. In order to truly connect with another and develop a powerful relationship, we must allow ourselves to be open books. That means being yourself fully and unabashedly.

Own Your Story

Everyone’s story is unique and valuable. Each of our stories assists in helping to create our individual realties. The poet Mark Nepo describes this best in saying, “I am finding that being who I am – not hiding any of myself – is a necessary threshold I must meet or my life will not evolve.” Open, honest communication allows for us all to evolve authentically. You have an awesome story. Own it.

Don’t Assume

The most important aspect for forming a connection through communication is to take things at face value. Miscommunications happen when we try to read between the lines of what another person has said. It’s important to simply mean what you say and say what you mean. However it is just as important to assume that everyone else is saying exactly what they mean.

Communication doesn’t have to be complicated. You can form deep, meaniful connections simply by remembering to open up, to own your story and to take others at face value.

Speak Your Mind


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