Day 19 – What’s My Body Sayin’, Part 2

Have you noticed any of the body language signals described in Day 18’s post? Here’s a few more to look for….



Slow Head Nodding – This can be a sign of attentive listening. Or, have you ever noticed some people nod their head incessantly throughout any and all conversations? As with the smile example yesterday, you have to look at other facial features in order to know how genuine the head nod is. If you see attentiveness throughout the face and congruency when the person typically nods, it probably means they are genuinely listening. If not, it could indicate the person is trying to wrap the conversation up or a sign of arrogance.

Head tilted to one side – Typically indicates thoughtfulness and an interest in the conversation.

Head down – Often indicates something more negatively slanted… either tiredness, a lack of interest, rejection of the speaker’s ideas, defeat or shame.



Leg direction – The direction of someone’s legs could indicate either interest or a lack of interest. If knees are pointed toward the speaker, the listener is likely interested in the conversation. Knees pointed in a different direction probably means a lack of interest.

Legs parallel/uncrossed – This is often a more formal way to sit. It could be that the sitter is proper or trying to come across as proper. Or that they are feeling uncomfortable or tense.


There is so much more than could be written on this topic but since the communication series is wrapping up in a few days, we’ve probably spent enough time on it. Maybe we will revisit it sometime in the future!

Try to notice this stuff in people though! It is so interesting. And just remember, nothing is full proof. Be sure to take into account the context of the behavior taking place. To be fair and all. :)

Hope you’ve had as much as I had studying the common non-verbals!

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