Day 21 – Stop communicating… Not!

Well, the communication series is coming to an end… finally! I have to admit, I am a little glad. It started out so strong and then lost some momentum when I went on vacation for a week and then got sick the week after. Thanks for hanging in there!

Let’s do some recap, shall we? Communication is such an important topic and if you weren’t following at the beginning of the series, feel free to look back because we went over a lot of information about the different communication styles out there and how they interact with one another…


Do you want to understand your own communication style better? Check out Day 2 – “Styles of Communicating”.

Are you, or is someone you know…

If you are looking for communication help in a few specific areas, check out the following:

  1. Communication in the Workplace: Day 10 – “How to Be Great on the Job”
  2. Communication When Working with Teens: Day 11 – “Basic Guidelines for Leading Small Group Discussions With Adolescents”
  3. Communication for Helping Professionals: Day 12 – “Communication Techniques for HELPERS” and Day 13 – “Communication Techniques for HELPERS continued…”
  4. Communication Without Speaking: Day 16 – “Speaking Without… Speaking”, Day 17 – “Read My Body, Not My Words”, Day 18 – “What’s a Body to Say?” and Day 19 – “What’s My Body Sayin’, Part 2”

Hope you’ve enjoyed the series! Stay tuned for the next one…

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