Friendship is to the soul, what good food is to the body

In case you haven’t noticed after yesterday’s post (Thank you God That Life is Sweet and Not Just Bitter), I have been in a reflective mood lately. I just bought tickets to visit a dear friend in Florida and I can’t wait to see her. She had a baby boy in January and aside from a brief encounter over Skype, I haven’t even met the little guy yet which breaks my heart! Life gets so busy and money is tight and time seems to run away from me sometimes. 20 years down the road am I really going to remember the random busyness that consumes my days? Probably not. What about the fact that I have tried desperately to hold on to an extra few hundred dollars just so I know I have it in the bank? Likely not. But it’s the investment in relationships that have lasted forever and will continue for life… that’s what’s important. That’s why I’ll be heading to Florida next month.

College roommies

I remember clearly meeting this friend in college. I didn’t think she liked me at first. I remember running on the track at USC one night and we both listened to our walkmen rather than talking (this was before the convenience of IPODS). I can’t recall how the running date came about – but let’s just say, based on that night, a lifelong friendship was not sparked. It wasn’t until the following year that we shared a room in our sorority house with two other soon-to-be BFFs. We started running together more and actually talking on these long runs through the streets of downtown LA. We ran together for years, completing the LA Marathon and another half-marathon down in San Diego. After years and years of running and talking, we began to listen to music again on our runs but this time it didn’t feel so weird. It was comfortable. We each made mix tapes (I’m dating myself more and more) and traded off listening to them on our walkmen during long runs and races. We stuck together while we ran no matter what. Just like we have outside of the race course. I was her maid of honor. She was my matron of honor a few years later. We’ve talked and talked and talked about everything under the sun… especially spiritual issues. I look back on all of our memories with such fondness and a grateful heart.

Maid of Honor

Matron of Honor

As I am meeting new people every day and getting to know them as I get to know the streets and towns of North Carolina, I am reminded of the gift of history. I am praying that some lifelong relationships develop out of this east coast season in our lives but at the same time, I breathe  a sigh of relief knowing that the oldies but goodies of years past are still around too. Is there someone in your life that you used to be close to but because of time or space you have drifted apart? Or what about someone you talk to on the phone but haven’t seen in ages? Can you find a way to make a face-to-face visit possible? Trust me, the sacrifice will be worth it. Friendship is to the soul, what good food is to the body. Nourishment. Strength. Sustenance.

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