What are your core values?


Our small group is currently going through an 8-week series where each week we discuss practical life application topics. Marriage and finances among other relevant topics will all be discussed in the coming weeks.

Currently, we are trying to determine our life vision and purpose. Knowing our core values is so important because if we don’t know what we stand for, we may be tempted to veer off in directions that ultimately leave us unfulfilled.

Our exercise yesterday was to write down two things:

1) What angers us.

2) What we love.

For example, if you get angry when people are not trustworthy, one of your core values is probably honesty and truth. If you are angered by flakiness, one of your core values is most likely responsibility.

Then consider what you love. Do you love not having to worry about paying the bills? You may value security. Do you put your family and friends above all else? You probably value relationships most.

I found this exercise incredibly enlightening and was able to narrow down my values to a few key areas:

1) Honesty/authenticity

2) Security

3) Relationships

Give it a try! What angers you most? What do you love? What core values do you stand for?

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