One last Christmas gift idea!

Earlier this week I mentioned that my favorite gifts are the ones that support a worthy cause while simultaneously being absolutely fabulous on their own. (For example: Delightfully Chic, the jewelry of 31Bits and Punjammies)! Well today I want to introduce my other favorite category of gifts which is the kind that feels unique and special to each person who receives it, because it was created especially for them.

So… introducing… Design-Her Gals!

I love Design-Her Gals because the products are personal, useful and so adorable.

Years ago in a previous job, I had a boss who really went all-out when it came to gift giving, and she came up with something especially fun. She had disovered a company called Design-Her Gals and made me a personalized Christmas gift off their website. (I think she had seen the site featured on one of Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things episodes, which is always a great place to get gift ideas by the way).

Here’s how Design-Her Gals works:

When you go on the site, click “Get Started” and you are taken to a dressing room. There you will see six different kinds of people – gals of varying body types, including one who is preggers, a kid and even a man. Choose the type that most closely matches the person you are making the gift for. Then you specifically choose each aspect of that friend or family member’s appearance, including such details as eye color, hair style, outfit and accessories.

After you have saved your guy or gal, start shopping and find the perfect product to place him/her on. Back when I first used the program, the only options were notepads and other types of stationary. I used the site to make bridal shower invitations and recipe cards for a good friend who was getting married. When I checked back in last month after having not been on the site for years, I discovered bunches of new products, from water bottles, to mugs, ornaments, bags and more!

Right now all stationary and paper products are 39% off too so if you’re going get something, now’s the time!

Here is an example of the notecards that I pulled off Oprah’s website from when she featured Design-Her Gals in the 2006 issue of O Magazine:

Go to Design-Her Gals and have fun creating personalized gifts for your loved ones!

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