I Take Thee…

Three years ago I made the best decision of my life – I married my best friend. Last weekend we celebrated the fact that we made it! Three years may not be long in the grand scheme of things but when you’re living day-to-day, it’s not short.

I am not a risk-taking kind of person and thankfully at the time, I had no idea how big a risk getting married would be. It didn’t even occur to me, until I was sitting out on the balcony of my honeymoon suite in Cancun, that my life was not completely my own anymore. And boy did this hit me like a ton of bricks. My new husband was utterly confused and I’m sure more than a bit nervous at what he had just gotten himself into. He calmly explained that the day we got engaged he understood that he was stepping into a lifelong commitment. And that my life would impact his and vice versa. Somehow that fact had escaped me.

Three years later, after a number of other breakdowns, crises and major life events, we’ve survived. Not only that, we’ve become stronger and more joyful people somehow.

Marriage is kind of mysterious that way. The more you go through together, especially the hard stuff, the more beautiful it becomes. Like a potter who spends hours molding ugly, dirty, smelly clay. As it begins to take shape, a unique and precious piece of art is formed.

Want to know the best news of all? It’s not finished yet. We are not finished. Our marriage is still a work in progress. And if the past three years have been this good, I can only imagine what the next 30 have in store.


  1. Love that picture! And congrats – happy belated anniversary!

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