The woes of a cheap clothes shopper

I got a gift card for Christmas that has been burning a hole in my pocket for the past three weeks. Dying to find an adorable new outfit, my husband and I went shopping last weekend and I searched for something worthy of this precious gift card.

I tend to be a picky shopper. It frustrates my hubby because I’ll try stuff on and stand in front of the mirror for hours debating whether or not to buy (a symptom of my indecisiveness more than being picky actually). He’ll tell me the clothes I try on look great but it takes a lot to convince me. Finally after examining myself in the mirror from every possible angle I’ll usually hang the article of clothing back up and decide to think about it some more (which is code for “I’m not going to buy this”).

Well, like I said, this gift card was really burning a hole in my pocket, and I hadn’t been shopping in forever, so I was especially ready to find something cute on Saturday. After a few hours of shopping, one of the last things I tried on was it! A cute white shirt from Forever 21. Cheap, trendy and perfect!

I am wearing it today for the first time and what waddya know?! There’s a gaping hole on the upper right shoulder. I should have known. I love Forever 21 just as much as the next gal but let’s call a spade a spade: the clothes aren’t made to withstand the test of time (I did however expect it to last one wear).

So, here I am… In my darling new shirt… with an embarrassingly large hole… and fearing that more of the thread could unravel at any point leading to an even bigger hole…

I should probably let go of the whole shopping-at-Forever 21-thing. Afterall, I am far from 21 years old and as a young professional shouldn’t I be past “cheap clothes shopping” by now?

Apparantly not.

Lesson learned.

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