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A few years ago I was pretty involved in a side business selling nutritional products. It was totally random and not something I intentionally pursued; it just kind of fell into my lap.

I had attended my former running coach’s baby shower after not seeing her for a few years while I was off at college and she was traveling the world on the U.S. Bobsled Team.  She was an insanely talented athlete but with the baby coming was stepping away from professional sports and starting a business selling nutrition products. I had always known her to be incredibly health conscious and being an athlete, it seemed like a natural fit for her.

I was working out regularly myself and training for some half marathons that were coming up later in the year. The idea of trying products that would improve my performance (and still be safe!) sounded appealing. I had always been weary of the products at local vitamin stores because they often have weird side effects and I never knew which were safe. Trusting my old coach, who had always been somewhat of a mentor, I decided to try a few of the products she was taking. Before long, I was involved in the business and had a hard time keeping quiet about these products that I loved!

I was making a great supplemental income every month and was in the best shape of my life. I have always been impressed with this company but there are a few things that really drew me in:

The doctors and scientists who create the products.

The endorsers.

My results.

Unfortunately, as with running and a bunch of other healthy habits, I dropped it all when I started graduate school. Between dating and marrying my husband, getting my master’s degree and working in the field of counseling I had no time for much else. I still regret losing so much balance in my life because the past few years I have had to work extra hard re-building my endurance, muscular strength and healthy eating habits.

As I recall the benefits these supplements and the business had on my life, I’d like to get some of that back. Seeing that this is a re-engaging season for me, it seems like the timing is just right.

So, all that to say, I will be featuring some of my favorite products on the blog from time-to-time and feel free to contact me if you ever have questions.

For general info about the products and company check out Advocare.

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