The stupidest decision I don’t regret


Years ago my friend and I decided to run the LA Marathon. (And when I say years ago, I mean more like a lifetime. Back when walkmen were all the rage and mix tapes were actually on cassettes).

Running the race was probably the stupidest decision I have ever made. Not that I regret it! What I mean is, prior to the race, our training consisted of 30-60 minute runs, maxing out at 10 miles a couple of times. To say we were prepared would be – well, a lie.

And yet, somehow we managed to complete the entire race, finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack. Our bodies held up just fine. The biggest challenge throughout the, um, 5 hours (or more), was our minds.

My mind would try to convince me that my body couldn’t cut it. That my quads would explode and my hips were about to give out. That I wasn’t a “real runner” and I must have been crazy to sign up for this race. Although it was painful at times, my body really came through for me.

Here’s the thing I remember most about that day though: The 80-something gentleman trudging along, his feet barely lifting off the ground with each step. He was dragging but the look on his face was nothing less than pure determination. And then there was the younger woman with a prosthetic leg who was an absolute champion.

We fed off their enthusiasm and courage. Our minds were strengthened by simply watching them [pass us].

Just as you pay attention to the food you put in your body, watch what you put in your mind too. Fill it with truth and train it to be strong. Your mind will either keep you from reaching your goals or propel you toward them. And never let the word “quit” enter your vocabulary.

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