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One of the biggest issues so many of us suffer from is lack of energy – plain and simple. We go, go, go and never stop to breathe, sleep or just be. This isn’t going to be a post about slowing down though. I have done those before because I do think our best case scenario is to hit the pause button when life gets crazy to reflect, rest and like I said, be.

However, there are seasons where taking a break is simply not an option. My husband is in the throes of law school finals and life is all about multi-tasking so that no time is wasted in his preparation process for exams. His life won’t always be this hectic of course, but for the next few weeks he’ll continue to push toward that finish line on May 4th. What about busy parents? Or all parents I should say. I have friends who just gave birth to twins and the next few months of their lives will be spent figuring out feeding schedules, doctor’s appointments, playing and adjusting to this new way of living – with kids.

Many of us gulp down soda, coffee or Red Bull during seasons like this. A former coworker many years ago used to drink up to three Super Big Gulps of coke per day! Each Super Big Gulp was 44 ounces! To give you an idea of how much sugar that is, think about a 12 oz. can of coke. There are approximately 10 cubes of sugar in one can. Multiply that by three – we’re up to 30 cubes and that’s just for 36 ounces. Add a few more and you’re drinking more than 35 cubes of sugar in just that one drink! Not to mention the fact that when she didn’t drink her coke for whatever reason, she would get migraines from the withdrawal. This is an extreme example, sure. But we all take extreme measures to get by.

Aside from the sugar and unhealthy levels of caffeine, when we use methods like that to get a “high” is that we ultimately crash, creating a need for another “fix”. This happens with coffee and other energy drinks as well. So what’s the solution?

I mentioned last week I’m going to be introducing some of my favorite nutrition products into the blog. I can’t not. You ever see a movie and you love it so much you can’t help but tell your friends to run – not walk – to the nearest theater? That’s how I feel about some of these products. They’ve made a huge impact on my life.

Spark has been a lifesaver. It’s the most popular item in the whole Advocare product line. Here are the highlights:

  • It contains 21 vitamins and minerals as well as just the right amount of caffeine to produce a focused energy without a crash
  • Only 45 calories per serving
  • It works fast and is awesome 20-30 minutes before a work out or when you’re having an afternoon slump

Check out the Advocare site for more info and have a great weekend!

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