Low Maintenance Workouts

It’s a cold, gloomy day and I do not want to have to leave my house to work out. I find myself dragging on gross, wintery days to find the motivation to exercise. (It’s supposed to be spring now, what’s going on)?! It’s definitely a day for an at-home workout.

While I would love to have a big home gym, that’s not an option right now. And besides, even though it would be fun to have a room full of equipment, it’s not necessary to get a good workout.

Here’s what I recommend to do effective workouts at home. Like I said, you don’t need much.

1-2 pairs of dumbbells (it’s helpful to have a lighter pair and a heavier one depending on the kinds of workouts you’re doing)

A few workout videos to rotate throughout the week. With the plethora of workout ideas online you really don’t need the videos but I find them them helpful to cut down on planning and for motivation.

Here are a few of my favorite videos for at-home workout days…

The Biggest Loser series is great for beginners! You’ll recognize a lot of the routines from the show and they are definitely challenging for anyone who is just starting to workout.

Jackie’s workouts are definitely more difficult. She is perfect for intermediate exercisers who want to tone up using a lot of repetitions. I like how unique some of her exercises are because she keeps me from getting bored.

Jillian has a variety of videos out there, ranging in difficulty level. She can be tough but I like that. If you’re more into 80’s style hi-lo or walking workouts these aren’t going to be for you.

Don’t let dreary days keep you from getting in a good workout! Videos are inexpensive and you don’t need an entire library on hand; just a few should do the trick!

Go to Collage Video to find all of the above and tons of other fitness videos, along with preview clips, reviews, difficulty level and other helpful info to help you decide which instructors and workout types are best for you!

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