Hardcore like Sydney Bristow

Right after I graduated from college I started getting serious about my health. I ran consistently all throughout my undergrad years but I ate whatever I wanted. Exercise can take you far, but without a healthy diet, we’ll eventually stall out.

A year after I graduated I was living in the LA area with three other girls in a two bedroom apartment. (It was like being the dorms all over again, having to share a room). Thankfully I had a great roommate with similar goals; more or less we wanted to be Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner’s character in Alias).

Every morning we faithfully set our alarms for 5:00am and dragged ourselves to the gym. We did cardio, weights, group x classes and ran outside. We were hard core and we kept this up nearly every day for a year.

After a few months we started noticing that my arms were getting pretty toned. My friend’s weren’t shaping up at the same pace as mine so we tried to figure out the difference. It didn’t take long to realize it was the nutritional supplements I was taking.

I had just incorporated an amino acid supplement called Catalyst into my regime and it was creating awesome results! The biggest things I noticed were that my body was begin to change more quickly and that I had more muscular endurance during my workouts. I didn’t feel all that different (which was a good thing in my book after some of the horror stories I had heard  about the effects of supplements). But I did notice rapid results in the way I looked.

Here are a few bullet points about Catalyst:

  • Helps you retain lean muscle mass
  • Helps muscle recovery after exercise
  • Consists of a combination of amino acids which work together to produce great results

You want to kick butt like Sydney Bristow? Try Catalyst!

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