An interesting new side dish to try… low-fat of course!

You may have noticed I have been experimenting a bit in the kitchen recently. When my husband is around I tend to stick with basics, things I know we’ll both like. Interestingly enough, he has been branching out quite a bit as well, as he is being wined and dined by his big DC law firm. While I, on the other hand, am trying out new recipes at home.

This is a recipe that looks a bit weird, I’ll admit, but also intriguing. Roasted cabbage. For other oddballs like myself, who enjoy recipes like Pureed Carrot Soup and┬áBrussels┬áSprouts, this is right up our alley.


Roasted (Wish They Were Grilled) Cabbage

by Green Lite Bites


June 14, 2012

I tried this recipe last night and liked it quite a bit! It is super easy to make and a very unique combination of flavors. If you are looking for something different, give it a try!

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