Are you an emotional eater?

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I recently recorded a video on emotional eating with the fabulous health and fitness expert, Diana Antholis. It was a blast partnering with her on this project!

Some of you may be wondering whether this topic applies to you… What it comes down to is, do you eat because you’re hungry or do you eat for other reasons? 

Think through these questions…

1) Does your hunger seem to come on quickly or gradually? If you answered “quickly” it may be related to an event or emotion. Ask yourself, “what was I thinking/feeling when I decided to eat?” Did something stressful just happen? Were you bored?

2) Do you stop eating when you’re full? If not, you may be trying to fill a void.

3) Do you find yourself craving specific foods? When we eat for emotional reasons we tend to crave comfort foods… ice cream, pizza, fast food and the like.

4) Do you feel guilty after you eat? Is it because you weren’t really hungry to begin with? Is it because you overate? Our bodies are fueled by food, so there is no reason to feel guilty when we eat. If you do, you may have been eating for the wrong reasons.

5) Can your desire to eat be satisfied elsewhere? If you suspect you might be eating for the wrong reasons try something else instead. Diana brought up a great idea in the video to replace the emotion you may be lacking with another activity that specifically addresses that need. For example, if you are craving love, instead of turning to food, turn to a friend. If you are bored, participate in an activity.

Check out the Emotional Eating Tips and Techniques for more information and some helpful strategies to start working through this issue!

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