The storm before the sunshine

Is it just me or does it seem like a serious buzz-kill always occurs after officially deciding to do something BIG! Or when the excitement you’re feeling seems to be at its boiling point and you’re about to burst with passion and joy, BAM , you feel like you’ve fallen to the bottom of a pit and aren’t sure how you’re going to pull yourself out.

I remember running back in high school and how often my mind would drag me through more mud and potholes than the cross country course ever would! Mental bruises would form as runners would race past me even though it felt like I was a shoe-in to beat them. Or the worst was when it would take everything in me to run up a hill – running the entire race was a huge value on our team; we did not walk no matter what! But then one of our competitors who would walk up the tough hills, would get a burst of energy on the downhill and fly past us which seemed so unfair! It was a running race after all.

This stuff happens all the time! And the more you care about you’re doing… the more painful it is when setbacks occur.

We can’t allow our minds to let the hard stuff take us further and further down a rabbit trail of negative thinking… we have to be committed to fighting for what we know is BEST.

Here are some reminders to go back to when you feel like your excitement has been taken down a few notches and you’re fighting off feelings of discouragement:

1)      Be patient. Just because you’ve made a decision and you are excited about it doesn’t mean you’ve “arrived”. Big dreams require a lot of work, time and energy and more often than not, a lot needs to happen before the dream can become a reality. Don’t give up if things move slower than you originally thought they would.

2)      Keep your eye on the prize. Actors and actresses get rejected left and right before they ever book a gig. But the ones that “make it” stay focused on becoming a star. The more you focus more on the end than the ups and downs along the way, the harder it will be to keep the finish line in view. Focus there instead!

3)      The why is far more important than the how. It’s hard to know exactly what route you’ll ultimately take to get to your final destination. But never lose sight of why you’re doing it to begin with. This is your purpose and it will drive you to the finish line!!



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