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I am not a very opinionated, political person in general but especially not on here. As a people-pleaser I have learned that being agreeable and not too strong on any one issue or topic, will keep me out of trouble. That said, over the past couple of years I have started wondering if friendly (and even passionate) debates are not necessarily bad as I have always thought. Maybe they could actually lead to new ideas and positive change. Maybe.

So I am trying to engage in them more. Well, that’s not necessarily true… I am trying to tolerate listening to them more and hope to one day participate without wanting to run away and hide.

Since I am not brave enough to speak my own convictions yet, I’m going to start by sharing someone else’s. I have linked to Rage Against the Minivan in the past. Not only is Kristen a riot, but she is also smart. Very smart. In fact she taught a class I took in graduate school so I got to see her smartness up close and personal. She knows her stuff and I learn something new every time I read her posts.

As we all continue to grieve the loss of so many sweet, innocent lives, there are a lot of heated debates going on regarding the topics of mental illness and gun laws. Kristen addresses both of these in Monday’s post, The Inconvenient Truth About Mental Health and Gun Control. I found this to be an incredibly thoughtful and interesting post about both of these topics and I hope it gives you something to think about too, no matter where you land on these issues.

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