Holiday recap

Getting up at 5am this morning was a tad brutal but memories of such a relaxing, tasty, fun-filled Christmas break are helping me survive this first day back to the grind.

Being back in California always brings up a mix of emotions. It’s such fun seeing family and friends. Reminiscing about old times and catching up on the latest happenings in our lives is absolutely priceless. The weather is pretty much perfect year-round (which contrary to the opinions of some of our North Carolina friends, means sunshine on Christmas day). Rest and rejuvenation in what we will likely always consider “home,” with the familiar surroundings of where we grew up, is essential each and every year.

But eventually our trip comes to an end and we fly “home”… to our new home. It’s funny how we call California “home” while in North Carolina and North Carolina “home” while in California. They both feel like home in some ways. Just not at the same time.

Anyway, every time I go, I come back with mixed feelings about where I want to live and where I could see my hubby and I in the future. The truth is, my plans for the past few years didn’t come to fruition and I am really glad about it now. Planning is good to an extent but ultimately life takes us in all kinds of directions we don’t expect. As far as the future… whether California, North Carolina, New York or Washington DC, we will have lived in all four places in a mere seven-year time span. We may even end up in one for the long haul. Or maybe none of them. Hard to say.

Anywho, here’s a look at our time in SoCal the past couple of weeks. We are so thankful to have such a beautiful refuge from “real life”…

My brother’s dog, Sterling. I am not a pet-person, but this puppy won me over!

We love food. So a lot of our must-do activities, involve food. In N’ Out (twice)… Mexican food (3 times)… the “best egg salad in CA”… these are the pulled pork salads from Cafe Rio and they are ah-mazing!

I have no idea why this pic turned out so weird but I still think it’s pretty cute.

Two hour walk along the harbor. Beaut!!

My friend’s baby is 4 months old already and I met him for the first time!! Kinda sad it took so long but well worth the wait!!

Last but not least, cherished time with friends and family. We never have time to see everyone we want, but so grateful for the time we do have and more importantly the people. This is at Souplantation where we generally stay and chat for hours… excuse the messy table.

I hope your holidays were lovely as well and Happy New Year!


  1. awww it looks like y’all had a great holiday! i haven’t been to california in years but i’ve wanted to go back to visit – i have friends and family there.

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