Sorry so MIA! Recaps.

Sorry I have been so MIA lately. Been busy… been tired…  been traveling…

The hubs and I, along with two of our friends, went to Savannah a couple of weekends ago. So. Much. Fun. Such a beautiful place with those green trees that hang down all droopy-like (we California girls don’t know them by name). It had a kinda party feel, as you can drink alcohol out in the open while walking along the streets of the historic district. But it is relaxed, has a ton of history and was the perfect spot for a reunion between friends. Once we made it past the icy, slippery drive (which was terrifying to travel in!), we had a great time eating… eating… and eating some more while at the same time talking… talking… and talking  even more.

Here are a few pics from the trip!



The day after we got home from Savannah, I took an all day training in a couples assessment called Prepare Enrich. My husband and I did Prepare, the pre-marital version before we got married and found it to be pretty effective at revealing areas we weren’t quite in agreement about yet. We worked with our pre-marital counselor on developing strategies and skills so that we could start to see eye-to-eye. After the one-day training, I have graduated with my certificate as a Facilitator. This is really exciting and will be a huge help at work as we get going with a brand new mentoring program in which couples mentors can use this test in their work.

Last but not least… the SuperBowl. My personal highlight was the Destiny’s Child Reunion during half-time. I wanted so badly to get up and dance until I started hearing murmors around the room in which my younger friends asked one another “Who is Destiny’s Child and why are those strange women singing with Beyonce?” I get it, I’m old! So I laid low and secretly reveled in the memories of high school prom.

How have you been?


  1. i was SO EXCITED when Destiny’s Child busted out! it was 7th grade all over again!! and i LOVE savannah! what a gorgeous city!

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