Yummy, not-whatsoever-healthy apple dip… huge hit!

Ladies, wouldn’t you agree there is just something about girl’s nights that simply can’t be understood by the opposite sex? It is so refreshing to sit around and chat with other ladies and be reminded that your crazy thoughts and experiences simply aren’t as crazy as you thought. I mean, they can’t be right because they are shared with fellow females?!

Last Saturday my girlfriends and I had such a night. We had intended to watch a movie but that fell by the wayside in favor of talking and an exorbitant amount of snacking. Chips and guac, veggies and dip, ice cream cake and orange slices (the candy, not the healthy kind) were all on the menu. And I found a caramel, cream cheese apple dip on Pinterest that turned out to be a huge hit. Definitely going to keep this one in the appetizer file!


Check out Caramel Cream Cheese Apple Dip on Glorious Treats and make it for your friends. Trust me, they will love it!

VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE TODAY TOO! My friend Molly of Still Being Molly along with Carly of LipGloss & Crayons are hosting a #YOLOmondays link-up today. My two cents? Link-up!


  1. uhm yeah this looks DELICIOUS, angela!! i can’t wait to try it!

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