Eeek! I’m preggo!

First off, I am so sorry I have been MIA lately! Again. The biggest thing going on in my life is the very thing I had to keep under wraps for 12 whole weeks! Hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep! The good news is, the cat’s out of the bag and I can finally share this journey with all of you. Sigh of relief.

Let me just say, pregnancy is hard. Not for everyone maybe but for those of us who have the fun 24/7 sickness (morning sickness my you-know-what – I’m convinced whoever came up with concept that has probably never been pregnant). Anywho, after weeks of queasiness combined with the all-consuming tiredness that can only be described as, other-worldy, the cycle finally broke this past week and I actually had more good days than bad. Could it be that I am entering the much-prefered second trimester? Finally.

For control freaks like myself, pregnancy has brought about a whole slew of uncomfortable emotions and physical experiences. The “what if” questions started about 2.5 seconds after we saw the positive pregnancy test. “What if we are not cut out to be parents?” “What if there are complications during pregnancy?” “What if (insert about 100 other things)”. Being pregnant has forced the reminder that I am not in control to the forefront of my mind. I have had to let go of my fears for the good of myself and my baby, who is growing and forming, susceptible to every little thing I do, think, consume andĀ feel.

Whoa. It is not all about me anymore. Pregnancy has been a beautifully difficult and exciting season so far. I cannot even begin to imagine what the next few months have in store but am so thankful to have others join us on the journey.


  1. Congratulations!!! Wow, I hear you on the feelings. I have never been pregnant but my fears of being pregnant are very strong. I wish you the best of luck Angela!

    • It is scary but the human mind and body are incredible. Somehow instincts kick in and it all works out despite our fears or worries (hoping for the same result during child rearing)! When the time is right, you will be amazed at what happens. :) Thanks for the well wishes! I really appreciate it!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Angela!!! Pregnancy was the most wonderful, special time of my life, although I didn’t have the nausea or any of the other things you hear about:). It was just truely the most physically blessed I’ve ever felt! I hope the rest of your experience is just as special. You have a great husband for support, either way!

    • Yes I do have an amazing, supportive husband! I am glad you didn’t experience any of the yucky stuff. No fun. But it seems to be getting better so I am thankful for that! Thanks for the congrats!! :)

  3. i am so so so so so so soooooooo excited for you guys!

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