Post-Easter Ponderings and My Favorite Tree


The message this Easter was an interesting one. The resurrection itself was not the sole focus. Let me explain… It is not all about the resurrection because it’s also about the crucifixion. Without the first event, three days later the second one never would have happened. I love what my incredible boss and lead pastor of our church said, “There is no resurrection without brokenness.” Yup, that’s true. And I for one, am thankful for the power of the resurrection, because the majority of days I feel like a lost puppy, muddling my way through this crazy world and relieved simply to make it through the day in one piece.

My 2013 Easter week will always be marked by a bunch of heart-breaking and tragic realities. Not trying to be negative folks, this is actually true. It wasn’t one thing that happened. It was about five. There has been a heaviness in the air and the effects of the world’s brokenness have been ever-present.

But I find myself feeling thankful today. As we reflected on Sunday, our world is cyclical in nature. Every single year fall comes to an end and winter arrives. It is cold, bare and dark. Winter is rarely an easy season. But just as it is inevitable, so is spring. Life doesn’t stay difficult forever. Eventually the world seems to regain its color.

There is a beautiful tree I walk by every single day on the way to my car. For more months than I’d like to count, the tree is empty. It becomes difficult to identify as “the one” – my favorite one – when it just looks like a bunch of ugly brown branches, colorless and void. It’s almost like it happened overnight, but as I walked by the other day, I noticed that it’s full again, blooming with gorgeous white blossoms. I think it might be the most striking tree I have ever seen and each year I look forward to the enjoying its beauty after the starkness of winter.

I have never been more thankful to see this bright, blooming tree and I can’t help but wonder if it is a little gift from God to me, reminding me that winter is coming to an end and spring is right around the corner. This reminder couldn’t have come at a better time and every day since I discovered the new spring version, I have found myself smiling again.


  1. You describe a vivid image of sin and righteousness when explaining your perspective on “the one” favorite tree of yours. I was surprisingly moved by the words, “For more months than I’d like to count, the tree is empty. It becomes difficult to identify…” It inspired me to look at my own times when all my leaves have fallen to the earth, and my bark is cracked and dusty. I look so similar to all the other men sitting in the bar. Though when I bloom, I’ll be someone’s favorite tree as well. And Spring has just arrived..

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