My Friend Crush

So I have a total friend crush. In my defense, I am pretty confident if we knew each other we would be BFF. Not to be creepy or anything. It’s on Shauna Niequist though, one of my favorite authors. I have linked to her blog posts before and talked about the impact her books have made on my life.

She posted about busy-ness today on Donald Miller’s blog. She describes it as her drug of choice because it both numbs her and keeps her safe. However, it can be dangerous because do we really want to look back on our lives when we’re old and gray and say “good for me, I lived a satisfyingly numb and safe life”? Not me.

I encourage you to not only read what she has to say, but think about it and… scary as it is… apply it! That’s what I’m going to do.

Here’s the post and Happy Friday! Is Busy-Ness a Drug?



  1. awesome post, angela! thank you for sharing it!

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