23 Helpful Diagrams for Moms-to-Be from Buzzfeed

As most of you know, I am clueless when it comes to pregnancy but even more so when it comes to be a mom. I am terrified to be home alone with this tiny person next fall and have no idea what to do with it! (Case in point – “it”)! I am trying to soak in as much knowledge as possible but, not gonna lie, it is a little overwhelming to think about what a major life change this is going to be!

My friend sent me this Buzzfeed article with 23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To Be… they range from pregnancy to toddler-hood and are awesome because they are bite-sized chunks of info. I have this bookmarked and I encourage you to as well if you are as much of a nincompoop as I am when it comes to being a mom!

Here is an example: Swadling. Do check it out these diagrams for yourself!!
swaddle baby

In other news, Still Being Molly, one of my favorite blogs has teamed up with Lipgloss and Crayons for a Linkup today! Go check it out and join the party!!





  1. YES. this is awesome. thank you for sharing this because yeah, i need it.

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