Gender Reveal, Graduation and Mother’s Day… oh my!

This past week has been one that I will not forget anytime soon. It has been full of celebration and family bonding, two of my favorite pastimes. From organized events such as the Law School Gala, Family BBQ and my husband’s long-awaited graduation to spontaneous game playing, delicious meals and lots of laughing. This was the first Mother’s Day in three years that I actually got to wish my mom a happy day in person. And I even got spoiled as a mommy-to-be. Plus to top it all off, we did our highly anticipated gender reveal with our families all present so we could see their reactions up close. It was priceless.

I am blown away by how fast the past three years have gone by. I remember arriving in Durham, NC on what had to have been the hottest day since we have lived here. We had just finished our cross country trek, in two separate cars mind you (we communicated using walkie talkie’s given to us by my father-in-law), only to spend our first few hours in town unloading and carrying furniture and boxes up the two flights of stairs to our apartment. The sweet old lady sitting on her porch in the building across from us, after witnessing our exhaustion and declining patience with one another, brought us glasses of ice water. This was our first introduction to southern charm.

Since that day we have experienced milestones in our marriage and more personal growth than I can account for in one post. We purchased our first home and our first car as a married couple and now we are having a baby, among about a million or so other major things.

Anywho, we are not leaving yet, so here are a few pics from the weekend:

family reveal

Family Gender Reveal – Love my mom’s face!


gender reveal

Adorable Reveal Cards from Etsy

** I have to give a shout out to Ladybug on a Leaf Designs who did such a fabulous job and was a joy to work with!!


Mommy-To-Be gift from my amazing hubby!


This man is yummy.

jake and i

Family BBQ



The whole gang



The Graduate!

As great as the weekend was though, all I can think about right now is sleep!



  1. Jessica says:

    Loved it all! I can’t believe you’re thinking about sleep instead of about how much you miss us. 😉

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