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It’s been a while since I have posted anything. In fact, this may be my longest stretch ever. Sorry folks, if you are a regular reader I will try not to be MIA anymore… although with the baby being due in two weeks I can’t make any promises.

This has been a craazzzzy few months. I don’t even know where to begin so I think I’ll just do some recapping. There may be a few continuation posts to follow.

Life has been ALL about the upcoming birth of our baby and our recent goodbye to North Carolina, ever since July. Between entering my third trimester and all of the new experiences that go along with that, to preparing for our move to Virginia, we have been beyond busy. This season has had its ups and downs and I imagine there will be more to come.

A quick preface… Here is what I know about myself:

I hate change. I have never liked change. From the first day my dad dropped me off at pre-school and I cried every day, refusing to let go of his hand until forced to by one of the teachers, to leaving for college and now multiple moves from state to state – I still hate change.

However, what I also know, especially as I get older, is that change is not all bad and the icky feelings associated with it do not last forever. So I am trying to keep that in mind as we come to terms with our new surroundings and all of the unknowns that exist in our lives right now.

Some days I am better at that than others.

I will start with the story of how we got the condo I am sitting in as I type this. It is a long story and may be all I have room for today, in which case I will leave the other stories for the days to come.

Jake and I started thinking about where we would want to live in the DC area, as soon as we found out our impending move was official. However, as to be expected, much of our research was preliminary until about 30-60 days before the big move. We narrowed down our options and finally settled on Alexandria, VA as the winner and concentrated our search there. It is a darling town, especially old town which is right along the Potomac, with quaint little shops and restaurants and lots of young families. We tried and tried to figure things out on our own (whether to live in an apartment or rent a townhouse or condo, what location would provide the best freeway access, proximity to metro stations etc), and made multiple trips up to the area but ultimately realized we needed some help and hired a real estate agent to assist us.

On July 13th, we drove up yet again to drive around with our agent and look at some of her recommendations. This was the best decision we ever could have made. It was on that day, after viewing a worm-infested townhouse among others that were simply “not us” we found The One. Unfortunately, another couple also decided it was The One. As our agent informed us, this neighborhood is “highly coveted” and it may be helpful to sweeten the deal in order to be selected. So we agreed to a two year lease and hand wrote a letter explaining why we would be the perfect tenants for their condo. And then it was wait time. We expected to hear back the following Monday but as time slowly inched along, we heard nothing. A week passed. Jake left for CA to take the Bar Exam and I was still in a holding pattern regarding the condo. If we were not selected, we would be back to square one.

A few days later, I received a call from our agent stating that “a red flag came up in one of our background checks”. She was not sure what it was or which of us was the culprit. This seemed like something we would have been aware of and other than moving violations, I could not think of anything that would be of note. I let her know about the two moving violations I could think of, one for each of us, both of which had been dismissed. She reported back to the property management company that had run the check and from that point on, all we could do was wait. Later that day, our agent called back to let us know whatever it was, did not appear to be an issue anymore and we were “in” for the condo. Phew. To this day, we still have no idea what came up and we have tried to find out multiple times (seeing that it is kind of a big deal and could affect other background checks run on us in the future) but the property management company is not being very responsive or helpful. So that is unfortunate. But again, the good news is we got the condo.

The community is adorable. It is right by a park, walking distance from the grocery store, has a great gym and bunches of other amenities. We are grateful to be living in a place that feels homey and even has a loft area where visitors can stay, a rare find in most of the places we looked at.

Anywho, I definitely exceeded my word count for this post so I will continue the updates later. As one of my good friends often tells me, I always have a story and there are at least six more associated with this move. So stay tuned…

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