Don’t mess with the 38 week preggo!

I thought I was done. I really did. But the craziness just keeps on coming. Spoiler alert: like the other issues I have described, this one has finally been resolved as well. Just today in fact. But still I can’t help but share because even my uber-positive hubby is asking “Why all the fiascos? Is it us or just totally random?”

Anywho. Here is what happened.

It all started back the last week of July when the company managing the condo we’re living in requested a cashier’s check for the security deposit, as well as a personal check for prorated rent beginning August 23rd. We immediately hit up BOFA for the cashier’s check (not a small amount by the way – DC is not cheap). We also wrote a personal check and due to the sense of urgency expressed to us, while in California, on vacation, sent the checks certified mail.

The month of August passed not only to see no money withdrawn from our account, but we also heard nothing from the property management company stating that they had not received our checks. We waited till the first week of September to say anything, thinking perhaps they were going to deposit our first months rent and prorated rent for August at the same time.

We inquired about all this and after days with no response finally heard back from the company stating they never received our checks. Our tracking information showed that the checks made it to the local post office on August 8th, two days after they were sent. They had been signed for (with a completely illegible signature) however the delivery address line was left blank. The property management company insisted they never received them, and although we had proof of their delivery, we could not verify they made it to the correct address.

Shocker, we were in another pickle.

Jake started by visiting Bank of America to see if we could cancel the cashier’s check but they said we would have to go through a 90 day waiting period first. Well, that wasn’t going to help us because the company was demanding the money immediately and we are not exactly rolling in the dough right now with our combined total of ZERO JOBS.

We then turned our focus to the post office and as it turned out the manager of the local office recognized the signature as one of the mail carriers. I asked if that was standard practice because as it would seem to us amateurs, the purpose of requesting a signature at the time of delivery would be to confirm that our mail made it to the right place. But what do we know. The manager agreed it is not standard practice but when there is a lot of mail to deliver, sometimes the mail carriers do it to expedite the delivery process. Okay… So he let me know he would talk to the mail carrier to see if he remembered delivering it and get back to me.

Two days later we spoke again and while the mail carrier claimed he did in fact deliver it to the correct address, there was no way to prove it. It was he said, she said, we said.

At this point, I have reached 38 weeks. I am tired of dealing with this issue. Short of contacting USPS investigative services and threatening to sue the mail carrier unless he reimburses us, we were stuck. In a last ditch effort, I contacted Bank of America again and begged, and I mean, crazy preggo begged (where if you don’t get your way you will either cry or scream at the unsuspecting victim on the other end of the line) them to cancel the check and reissue a new one. They finally agreed.

Three days later we got a phone call from the bank stating that all of the forms had gone through and the permissions were granted to make this exception for us. Apparently this is a very big deal.

So on this sweet Saturday morning, we drove to the glorious branch of Bank of America located down the street and picked up our new cashier’s check.

They say that moms possess a supernatural amount of energy and strength when it comes to protecting their kids. I would venture to say that these supernatural powers begin all the way in pregnancy. The moral of the story: Don’t mess with us. You have no idea what you’re dealing with.


  1. If a person or business is to receive a certified letter that needs to be signed for, and USPS can’t deliver it, they get a card saying “pick it up at the post office.” This sounds fishy to say the least and the practice shows the irresponsibility of USPS and our tax dollars! It sounds like fraud to me!!

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