OMG I am soo Rachel

Breaking news! There is no news. Baby Ainsley is staying put until she is good and ready to come out. (Or until her doctor and parents force her out on Oct. 9th). Is this an indication of what’s to come, especially in her teen years?

As Jake and I learn the art of patience, I have been getting daily updates from my many preggo friends, all of whom were due after me but whattaya know? They have had their babies already. Here is the lineup:

Friend #1: Due Oct. 2nd – had baby Sept. 29th

Friend #2: Due Oct. 3rd – had baby Oct. 1st

Friend #3: Due Oct. 4th – had baby Oct. 3rd

Friend #4: Due Oct. 16th – had baby Oct. 7th

And then there’s me… Due Oct. 1st – and still no baby.

4 friends – 4 babies.

It’s actually getting pretty funny and as one friend tells me I am “sooo Rachel on Friends.” Here is a little something to bring a smile to your face and mine, as we wait for our sweet, stubborn cutie patootie to show up.

Rachel Having a Baby

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