Five-Minute Friday Party: CHOOSE

Today I choose to participate in the Five-Minute Friday Party. Apparently this has been going on for years over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog. Hundreds of people across the web join together, to separately write an unedited blog post for five minutes. You get the prompt from Lisa (today’s is: choose) and use that as a baseline for you post. And then you write. And stop after five minutes. Like wearing no makeup, I feel a bit exposed. No editing? As a people pleaser, I often edit and re-edit my blog posts to ensure that no one will be offended by anything I’ve written. Blogs are meant to be a recording of our own thoughts. A place where we can be real and take a step out of our comfort zone, letting others into our ideas and thought processes. I am trying to be more authentic and stop caring about what others think of me. But I don’t want to make waves either. I want to be a peacemaker. So, how does the consummate peacemaker live an authentic life? My true inner voice and reflections may butt heads with yours. Do I make revisions in order to avoid making waves? Or do I just let the words flow out and the chips fall as they may?

Five minutes are up.

Linking at Lisa-Jo Baker.


  1. Glad you chose to join us :) I totally relate to the peacemaker/authenticity battle. Have a wonderful day – or at least a day that has bits of wonderful in it!

  2. It is hard to keep one’s self from editing over and over. At least on 5 minute Friday’s I manage to make myself stop re-editing … most of the time!

  3. acharlescoach says:

    Haha – that’s good, it is very challenging!!

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