5 Observations From 5 Months of Parenting

Ainsley turned five months old yesterday. Five months, people! Being a mom has been the weirdest experience ever… I’m convinced stay-at-home moms exist in their own time continuum, where the days sometimes trudge along at the same pace in which I am running these days (i.e. SLOW) and yet the weeks and months fly by. Seriously, how have five months come and gone already and what happened to that tiny, porcelain doll who used to fit perfectly snuggled against my chest? She has been replaced by this real, live, squirmy, squeaky human being.

5 months

They say babies change a lot between three and five months of age. I am not exactly sure who “they” are but they’re right. She has a personality and I am beginning to understand what makes her tick… and what ticks her off.

Here are five observations from five months of parenting:

1. The Parental Exaggeration Phenomenon (aka PEP): It’s kinda funny how as first time parents every little thing is a big deal. Like how the first time Ainsley got the smallest stomach bug and had one bout of diarrhea we almost took her to the ER. One bout. Emergency Room. And also how the first time Ainsley let out the tiniest little decibel of sound we started telling the world she laughed. We didn’t know it at the time but we were totally lying to everyone. I am not even sure what that sound really was but a laugh it was not. And then it happened. A real laugh was born in the 3-4 month range and it was the world’s sweetest sound. And mommy and daddy also laugh at how silly we were, thinking that first, whatever-you-call-it, was actually a laugh. Check out the real deal here.

Belly Laughs

2. Mommy Cred: At the beginning I was terrified of everything. I was afraid my baby would stop breathing in the middle of the night. I was afraid to drive with her. I was afraid she wasn’t getting enough food. I was afraid she was getting too much. I was a wreck 23 hours a day. So last weekend, Jake, Ainsley and I went on a road trip to North Carolina. The timing was perfect because a while back our preggo friends jokingly asked if we could come to their gender reveal party. Naturally we laughed in their face a little bit and said “yeah right, we wish.” I mean, a weekday road trip, are you kidding? Just a few days later though Jake was asked to attend a recruiting event for his law firm in Durham, NC. Divine coincidence? Hard to say but it sure worked out well for us. Jake was able to stay in town an extra day for the gender reveal but had to fly back early the next morning. So while we all made the 5-hour trek together, it was just Ains and me on the drive home. My goal was to make it to Richmond which was a little more than halfway. I have a friend who lives there and this seemed like a good opportunity to visit and break up the trip. Sadly, Ains woke up to eat before we made it to Richmond and then at some point after that had a silent-but-deadly blowout. I have no idea when but when she woke up from her nap she was screaming bloody murder. Of course at that point in our journey there wasn’t anywhere to stop so I pulled off the road and stripped her naked in the passenger seat. While seemingly impossible, she managed to increase the volume and intensity of her screams while laying in her birthday suit with the door open and 32 degree air blowing on her tiny body. (Please don’t call CPS on me, she has totally recovered I promise). It was both my saddest and proudest moment as a mom thus far. I felt terrible for my lovey all cold and stinky and whatnot but at the same time, this formerly frail mom turned into a bada$$, diaper-changing superhero over the course of five months. Mommy cred – through the roof but please note, I will not be including pics of the aforementioned event.

3. Easing in: Just as I couldn’t be the diaper changing whiz I am today overnight, sweet baby girl needs time to ease in to things too. I have noticed that whenever I am introducing a new toy or activity, her gut reaction is to resist. I don’t blame her. I am the same way. Here is when we introduced the Exersaucer for example:


Also like her mom, she doesn’t do much to hide her disgust. Here is when we introduced the tray that attaches to the Bumbo:


Also not a fan at first. A hundred bucks says she will be loving both of these in the next week or two. She is her mother’s daughter.

4. I am the student and Ainsley is the teacher: Whereas at the beginning of my parenting journey, I obsessively read everything I could online and anywhere else in order to figure out what the heck I was doing, I have since become a student of my daughter. She is my best teacher. I realize now that all kids are different and while I want her milestones to be met perfectly on par with all the other kids, she is her own unique person and I want to treat her as such. In observing her I have become a much more astute mommy and can now predict when my kid is going to have a meltdown or start giggling, fussing, etc. The one thing I haven’t been able to figure out still is when she is going to have a major poop blow out. If there were any rhyme or reason to that it would really help me out when we’re out in public. Oh well.

5. Strange Sadness: I never imagined how sad it would be to say goodbye to some of her old clothes. Ains is still super tiny. 9th percentile in weight. Up from 6th percentile though! So we are just now getting rid of her 0-3 month clothes and it really made me sad. I spent at least an hour the other day looking through old pics of her wearing the stuff that is now folded up in Trader Joe’s bags and tucked neatly away in the closet. While I am glad she is growing, I wish I would have just sat and stared at her a little longer in some of these outfits. They represent my little newborn and the fact that she can’t wear them anymore shows just how fast time really flies. One day she will be wearing the clothes with the little T next to the number and then small, medium or large outfits and I will surely lose it then.

Here are some of the cute outfits that no longer fit. Top row: handmade necklace onesie from cousin Dawn, blue polka dot onesie and cupcake hoodie. Bottom row: Santa dress which Jake picked out the day we found out we were having a girl and Duke onesie with ruffly sleeves.


Anywho, that’s that. Five months have come and gone. Soon she will be six months and that just sounds really old. What have you observed your first few months of parenting?

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  1. What a great post. It totally goes so fast our 2nd kiddo will be a year old in April, and man, it’s flown by! Parenting is such a journey. Each child and each day a new lesson. You have such a sweet little girl!

  2. You are so right… As first time parents we are so focused on getting things ‘just right’. But really it’s about the baby and not what books say.


  3. Ainsley is beautiful! I’m not a parent, but I always hear that they say “They grow up so fast!”. It must be amazing seeing her develop and grow.

    • acharlescoach says:

      Yeah, it sounds so cliche but it’s totally true. Sometimes the individual days feel a little slow, especially when you are stuck inside in the winter, but the weeks and months fly by!!

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