I am:

A new mom navigating the messy world of parenting. Literally, I have spit up and poop on me all the time.

A wife to my younger, albeit much smarter and oh-so-sexy husband.

A counselor/coach… I have my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and have counseled individuals and couples in private practice, college campus and church settings. Currently, I am life coaching… at Starbucks or whatever other location has caffeine and snacks. Or via phone/Skype/Facetime in the comfort of our own homes.

A friend to many we call “extended family” across the country thanks to my hubby dragging us around everywhere showing me so much adventure the past five years!

A reader of books on faith, parenting, psychology and the lives of interesting people.

A TV viewer of at least one show in every genre. Yup, we’ve got them all covered.

A wanna-be-runner. I used to do it and if I could just drag myself off the couch maybe I can do it again.

A lover of food. Cooking and eating food. Lots and lots of food.

Nice to meet you!


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