Too Busy to Work Out? Not Anymore…

Nowadays we are all so busy… am I right?? I don’t even know what I do all day and yet somehow it flies by. Inevitably I am left with a big pile of laundry to fold and dishes to clean, among a hundred other things still remaining on my to-do list by the time the day is over. How can we be so busy and still feel like we never get anything done?

Anywho, now that Miss A is crawling (oh yes, it’s true!) I am left with even less time. I can’t just put her in her rock n play with some toys and expect her to entertain herself anymore. We are entering a whole new stage where she is like a tiny little person, not just a baby doll. I love it but it makes for even crazier days! And when she starts walking – look out world! This curious, independent munchkin is going to get into everything!

All that to say, working out is getting more and more challenging. I joined a gym but the past few times I took Ainsley to the childcare room she got sick. We have so many travel plans coming up that baby girl must stay healthy. And then there’s running (a term I use loosely)… some days sure, it’s an option. But other days, like last week when we hit 97 degree temps, you couldn’t pay me to go outside for more than 10 minutes, let alone run. So sometimes it’s helpful to have another option. Because not working out is not one.

So I discovered this awesome website called Fitness Blender. Do you guys know about this yet? If it’s old news, I apologize, but this is brand new to me and I love it! This website has tons – I mean TONS – of free – yes FREE – full length workouts led by two personal trainers (they are married and adorable by the way). The workouts are smart, effective, they come in all different lengths and difficulty levels. You can search for a workout based on the body part you want to focus on, the amount of time you have, how difficult you want the workout to be, whether you want to use specific equipment and other various factors. Here is what I love about these videos:

  • If I only have 10 minutes to exercise, I can still get a challenging routine in.
  • If I don’t feel like pulling out my dumbbells, I can still do an effective body weight video.
  • I love the variety. You can go weeks without doing the same video twice.
  • There is a calorie counter on each video which provides a range of how many calories you are burning.
  • On the upper left corner of the screen there is a demonstration of the next exercise you will be doing so you are always prepared. The trainers also describe each exercise in detail along with proper technique for safety.
  • The trainers are really motivating. They are not over-the-top like those 80’s aerobics instructors. They are down to earth and really try to challenge you to get the best results possible.
  • Oh and did I mention it is FREE??

I could go on… I love these videos!

Okay, I will stop now. But you should really check them out. Seriously. They are awesome. And I am in no way associated with this site or these trainers. This is simply my own two cents, promise!

Get lean & sexy today

I have always been a huge fan of Diana Antholis! Her blog and other products focus on the whole self – not just the body or just the mind. Everything works together so it’s important to address it all, which she does through fitness training and wellness coaching.

Her site features some excellent workouts you can do in the privacy of your own home. They’re low maintenance and effective, as well as set to the backdrop of the ocean, one of my absolute favorite locations.

The first one is the Lean & Sexy Workout in 25 Minutes. Short, sweet and outlined step-by-step in a PDF that you can print and reuse as often as you’d like.

The second is the Ab Burner video demonstrating 7 exercises to help you get those rock hard abs we all want!

You can’t beat free workouts from a certified personal trainer. Check them out today and you’ll be on your way to the summer-ready bod we all want!


The truth


Boredom Busters

One of my biggest pet peeves about working out is potential boredom. It’s the worst – forcing yourself to exercise because you know it’s good for you, but being miserable throughout the process.

Not for me! I switch things up constantly.

Here are some boredom-busting cardio ideas from Fitness Magazine that are going to burn mad calories and keep you smiling the whole time!

Fitness Magazine’s Best Cardio Workouts

Build your own workout video!

Confession: I have always wanted to star in a workout video! For as long as I can remember, it’s just been one of those things I have dreamed of doing. I have been such a video junkie for decades that I guess it makes sense. But still… some people want to travel the world… I want to be the next Jane Fonda.

Fitness Magazine has a really cool feature called Build-a-Video Workout. It allows you to customize your own routine based on what you want to tone up, how much time you have to workout and what equipment you own! It’s all about you!

If you’re new to working out and haven’t done a lot of weight training or toning exercises, this will be a helpful tool to learn some of the basics! Pay attention to form so you don’t get injured and happy exercising!


Low Maintenance Workouts

It’s a cold, gloomy day and I do not want to have to leave my house to work out. I find myself dragging on gross, wintery days to find the motivation to exercise. (It’s supposed to be spring now, what’s going on)?! It’s definitely a day for an at-home workout.

While I would love to have a big home gym, that’s not an option right now. And besides, even though it would be fun to have a room full of equipment, it’s not necessary to get a good workout.

Here’s what I recommend to do effective workouts at home. Like I said, you don’t need much.

1-2 pairs of dumbbells (it’s helpful to have a lighter pair and a heavier one depending on the kinds of workouts you’re doing)

A few workout videos to rotate throughout the week. With the plethora of workout ideas online you really don’t need the videos but I find them them helpful to cut down on planning and for motivation.

Here are a few of my favorite videos for at-home workout days…

The Biggest Loser series is great for beginners! You’ll recognize a lot of the routines from the show and they are definitely challenging for anyone who is just starting to workout.

Jackie’s workouts are definitely more difficult. She is perfect for intermediate exercisers who want to tone up using a lot of repetitions. I like how unique some of her exercises are because she keeps me from getting bored.

Jillian has a variety of videos out there, ranging in difficulty level. She can be tough but I like that. If you’re more into 80’s style hi-lo or walking workouts these aren’t going to be for you.

Don’t let dreary days keep you from getting in a good workout! Videos are inexpensive and you don’t need an entire library on hand; just a few should do the trick!

Go to Collage Video to find all of the above and tons of other fitness videos, along with preview clips, reviews, difficulty level and other helpful info to help you decide which instructors and workout types are best for you!

Want good abs? Must-Do Moves.

Oh my goodness, I love Jennifer Aniston. She’s gorgeous, her body is amazing, she’s hilarious and and so talented. I’ll never forget years ago, when I first started working at Warner Bros. TV after college and being giddy over the fact that we produced Friends. I still tape the reruns and laugh like I’m watching for the first time.


I have always wondered… what are her diet and exercise secrets? The woman has a rockin’ bod, no question!

I lucked out today when I ran across her secret on SELF. You want abs like Jennifer? Click the below link to find a slideshow of her most effective moves:

Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Moves for Flat Abs



The stupidest decision I don’t regret


Years ago my friend and I decided to run the LA Marathon. (And when I say years ago, I mean more like a lifetime. Back when walkmen were all the rage and mix tapes were actually on cassettes).

Running the race was probably the stupidest decision I have ever made. Not that I regret it! What I mean is, prior to the race, our training consisted of 30-60 minute runs, maxing out at 10 miles a couple of times. To say we were prepared would be – well, a lie.

And yet, somehow we managed to complete the entire race, finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack. Our bodies held up just fine. The biggest challenge throughout the, um, 5 hours (or more), was our minds.

My mind would try to convince me that my body couldn’t cut it. That my quads would explode and my hips were about to give out. That I wasn’t a “real runner” and I must have been crazy to sign up for this race. Although it was painful at times, my body really came through for me.

Here’s the thing I remember most about that day though: The 80-something gentleman trudging along, his feet barely lifting off the ground with each step. He was dragging but the look on his face was nothing less than pure determination. And then there was the younger woman with a prosthetic leg who was an absolute champion.

We fed off their enthusiasm and courage. Our minds were strengthened by simply watching them [pass us].

Just as you pay attention to the food you put in your body, watch what you put in your mind too. Fill it with truth and train it to be strong. Your mind will either keep you from reaching your goals or propel you toward them. And never let the word “quit” enter your vocabulary.

For the tready…

I did this walking workout on my treadmill the other day and had a blast! It’s fun, simple and can be adapted to accommodate different fitness levels. What could be better?

Here’s the workout:




0 (for 5 minutes)

2 (for 2 minutes)

3 (for 1 minute)

4 (for 1 minute)

5 (for 1 minute)

6 (for 1 minute)

7 (for 1 minute)

8 (for 1 minute)

9 (for 1 minute)

10 (for 1 minute)

REPEAT 3 times!

Workout total: 3 miles in 45 minutes



Increase the speed for a brisker walk or run


Remove the 5 minutes of walking on incline 0 for a shorter but slightly more intense workout


Repeat the set more or less than 3 times, depending on what feels comfortable each day

* Consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program

Inner Jogging

Laughter is Inner Jogging. – Norman Cousins


Burns calories:

15 minutes of laughter each day can burn up to 50 calories!

Improves cardiovascular health:

The American College of Cardiology recommends a combination of exercise and 15 minutes of laughter each day to improve cardiovascular health.

Elevates mood:

According to psychologists and scientists, the muscular movements involved in creating the ha, ha, ha sound trigger an increase in endorphins, the brain chemicals known for increasing mood. It has also been said that laughter helps with pain management and stress reduction.

Boosts your immune system:

ABC News reported the results of a study of 20 men and women conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The study “found that 95 percent of the volunteers experienced increased blood flow while watching a funny movie, such as “There’s Something About Mary,” while 74 percent had decreased blood flow during a heavier picture, such as “Saving Private Ryan.” The benefits lasted about 12 to 24 hours.”

Moral of the story? Laugh hard and laugh lots!

No one cracks me up more than my hubby. Thanks babe for (intentionally and sometimes unintentionally) making me laugh so hard I cry!

What makes you laugh so hard you cry?

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