Summer, here we come!


One of my biggest pet peeves is driving home at the end of the day in complete darkness. It’s the worst. The cold, black nights makes me want to snuggle up in bed and hibernate through winter. I’m so thankful that spring is here and even better, summer is right around the corner!

As we box up our winter wardrobe and pull out tank tops and shorts, we all want to look our best. And sometimes, at least in my case, that requires a little work to get ready. (Thank goodness it’s only April and we have plenty of time)!

Check out these workout tips which will, without a doubt, help you get that beach bod back by summer:

1)  Set a concrete goal: To say “I want to get back in shape” is not specific enough. You must: a) write it down and b) involve other people. Sign up for a Fun Run and pay your registration fee in advance. Tell a friend your goal and ask them to hold you accountable to achieving it. Write it on a 3 x 5 card and carry it around in your purse or tape it to your mirror. Figure out what your goal is and when you want to achieve it by. Make it as simple and specific as possible

2) Interval Training: I used to run all the time!! When I started graduate school though I completely stopped. It’s hard to get back into it but not impossible and let me tell you, I have never felt as fit or healthy as I did when I was running consistently. Do some interval training to ease back in and slowly build up your endurance. Try The Couch to 5K Plan and by June you’ll be able to run 3 miles easy!

3) Don’t waste any time: Do you sit at a desk all day? Once per hour, stand up and walk around your building. Hide behind a partition and hammer out 10 squats. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do 25 calf raises during your bathroom break. Find a desk that’s out of public view and do push-ups against it. Sound crazy? You won’t once summer rolls around and you have a toned, hot bod. Grab a friend and do it together! The Mayo Clinic offers additional ways to burn calories at work.

4) Be a kid again: I miss the days of team sports. Those are some of my most treasured memories growing up… working out with friends, pushing each other and participating in activities that are actually fun! Why then, as adults, do we default to monotonous, solo workouts? If that works best for you, by all means. But if not, find another way! There are so many options out there from community sports teams to group x classes, Crossfit, boot camps or just grabbing a friend and going on a run. Working out is only a chore if you make it one.

5) Motivate yourself: What motivates you? Quotes? Pictures of defined arms or flat abs? Cold, hard health facts? Figure out what drives your desire to be fit and inundate yourself with it. Whatever you fill your mind with will drive you, either in a positive or negative direction. So, find something that inspires you and focus on it.

Habit-Forming Success is getting in shape! Stay tuned for more health and fitness tips, just in time for summer!

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