A Letter to My Six-Month Old

6 month

Dearest Ainsley,

Wow, sweet girl, you are six months old! How did that happen?? Happy Birthday Miss A!

Your dad and I didn’t think we would make it to six months when you were first born. You were a precious little pumpkin but we were sleepy and to be honest, we weren’t sure what to do with you! As time has gone on, we’ve gotten to know each other better and fallen head over heels in love.

The love of a parent for a child is one that is hard to explain. There aren’t many – or perhaps ANY – words in the English language to adequately describe it. It’s so strong and so deep and it’s not something I could ever fully comprehend until I was suddenly in the midst of it. I had always heard that this kind of love is the closest thing we’ll ever feel to the love God feels for His children, only His is even greater, if you can believe that! What an incredible God we get the pleasure of knowing and serving.

You sure have come a long way in six months, my dear. Although you will not remember these early days we shared together, they will forever be imprinted in my mind. Here’s a brief picture of your life so far…

You were a bitty little thing when you were first born. You were swimming in your newborn onesies. Now you wear anything from 3-6 month clothes all the way up to 12 months depending on the brand. You are a very good eater and growing so much!

We are beginning to see glimpses of your personality now. So far, you are a bit timid in new situations but once you start to feel comfortable you are a chatterbox! You have really discovered those lungs recently and I get nervous sometimes during the day that our neighbors are going to think I am torturing you due to all the screaming. I am not sure they can tell you are making happy noises. Your “words” bring us so much joy. Every so often it will sound like you actually spoke a word of English. I think I heard you say “kiki” just yesterday, which would make sense since sometimes we call you “kiki ooh la la.” It also sounds like maybe you say “hi” every so often but it’s usually in the midst of other undecipherable sounds. And then a while back, in an epic feat of baby genuis, I think you said “agua.” Not too shabby, speaking Spanish already.

Just as you feel shy in new situations, you have also never been fan of new toys when you first try them out – that is, until recently. One toy you loved from the start is your pink convertible. Your legs wobble around and your mouth hangs open in awe of the fact that that a toy can be Just. That. Fun. It’s pretty darn cute. You also loved the musical instruments your friend Eden played for you last week. You giggled and squealed in excitement as she shook the tambourine and moroccos. I’m not sure I have ever seen you that tickled!

The past three nights you actually slept through the night. You were such a good sleeper at a really young age, sleeping through the night before you turned three months old. But then it all went downhill for a bit. I think maybe you started going through some growth spurts and were always hungry – even several times a night! Now you’re back to sleeping well again, only really waking up when your legs get caught between the bars of your crib. It’s a pretty sad sight actually and I haven’t figured out how to teach you not to do that yet. You have also gotten pretty skilled at rolling onto your tummy but not so much at rolling back the other direction. So occasionally I will have to help you out with that too. Silly munchkin.

You have been to quite a few places in your short life. We’ve driven to North Carolina twice and two weekends ago you took your first trip to Rhode Island to meet your cousin Wesley. We drove through, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut before making it to Rhode Island. You were such a trooper! You adjusted well to your first hotel stays and happily played with your picture book, monkey paci and birdie toy most of the drive. The few times you got upset, you were easily cheered up again. Your dad and I were talking about the fact that we cannot believe you are our baby! You’re so good to us.

Well love, I could go on forever but I think I’ll stop there. You truly are a gift. Each day I treasure my moments with you – snuggling in bed in our pj’s, cradling you in my arms while you nap or after you eat, singing, reading, chatting, hanging out in the kitchen while I cook or unload the dishwasher, going on walks and simply being together.

I love you sweet girl and hope you have the happiest of birthdays today.


One proud mommy


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