Totally Delish Lunch or Dinner Idea

Jake and I love to eat. Even the first year of our marriage when we had, like, no money at all, we would splurge on date nights and go out to eat. I also love to cook and Jake can fire up a mean grill so we consider ourselves quite the foodies.

Our first month in Alexandria before Ainsley was born, we made it our mission to try as many restaurants as possible without duplicating any. We tend to get obsessed when we find a place we like so the not duplicating part was key. Plus, we knew when Ainsley came we wouldn’t get out as much so we needed to take advantage of our free time while we still had it.

One of the first restaurants we tried was a little bar/restaurant called Shooter McGee’s. It is the most unassuming place in a little strip mall but got great reviews so we figured, why not. I think I ordered a salad, I can’t remember, but Jake got this totally yummy chicken pita. We were still thinking about it days later.

Since we were on a budget, with neither of us working, we knew we couldn’t go back and get it right away. Plus, that would have broken our “no duplicate restaurants” rule. So we decided to recreate the meal at home. We did a pretty darn good job, if you ask me. We posted the following pic on Facebook and within minutes started getting text messages from friends asking what the deliciousness was and how to make it.


So here is how you make our version of the Shooter McGee’s chicken pita:


Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce


Romaine lettuce

Cherry or grape tomatoes

Pita Bread


Marinate chicken in BBQ sauce for however long you’d like (we just do 30-60 minutes)

Either pan fry or grill chicken

Saute onions in olive oil (they would taste great caramelized too if you had time)

Grill pita in skillet with a little bit of olive oil

Top pita with chicken, onions, sliced tomatoes and romaine lettuce

Add BBQ sauce to taste

Super fast, super easy and super delish.

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