Too Busy to Work Out? Not Anymore…

Nowadays we are all so busy… am I right?? I don’t even know what I do all day and yet somehow it flies by. Inevitably I am left with a big pile of laundry to fold and dishes to clean, among a hundred other things still remaining on my to-do list by the time the day is over. How can we be so busy and still feel like we never get anything done?

Anywho, now that Miss A is crawling (oh yes, it’s true!) I am left with even less time. I can’t just put her in her rock n play with some toys and expect her to entertain herself anymore. We are entering a whole new stage where she is like a tiny little person, not just a baby doll. I love it but it makes for even crazier days! And when she starts walking – look out world! This curious, independent munchkin is going to get into everything!

All that to say, working out is getting more and more challenging. I joined a gym but the past few times I took Ainsley to the childcare room she got sick. We have so many travel plans coming up that baby girl must stay healthy. And then there’s running (a term I use loosely)… some days sure, it’s an option. But other days, like last week when we hit 97 degree temps, you couldn’t pay me to go outside for more than 10 minutes, let alone run. So sometimes it’s helpful to have another option. Because not working out is not one.

So I discovered this awesome website called Fitness Blender. Do you guys know about this yet? If it’s old news, I apologize, but this is brand new to me and I love it! This website has tons – I mean TONS – of free – yes FREE – full length workouts led by two personal trainers (they are married and adorable by the way). The workouts are smart, effective, they come in all different lengths and difficulty levels. You can search for a workout based on the body part you want to focus on, the amount of time you have, how difficult you want the workout to be, whether you want to use specific equipment and other various factors. Here is what I love about these videos:

  • If I only have 10 minutes to exercise, I can still get a challenging routine in.
  • If I don’t feel like pulling out my dumbbells, I can still do an effective body weight video.
  • I love the variety. You can go weeks without doing the same video twice.
  • There is a calorie counter on each video which provides a range of how many calories you are burning.
  • On the upper left corner of the screen there is a demonstration of the next exercise you will be doing so you are always prepared. The trainers also describe each exercise in detail along with proper technique for safety.
  • The trainers are really motivating. They are not over-the-top like those 80’s aerobics instructors. They are down to earth and really try to challenge you to get the best results possible.
  • Oh and did I mention it is FREE??

I could go on… I love these videos!

Okay, I will stop now. But you should really check them out. Seriously. They are awesome. And I am in no way associated with this site or these trainers. This is simply my own two cents, promise!

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